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Canine Perfection Dog Grooming In Tualatin

Booking a dog grooming Tualatin session at Canine Perfection is a great start for keeping your dog healthy and happy. Introduce your dog to a better lifestyle with the help of our certified master groomer. Go to our website to learn more about our exclusive grooming services and make an appointment by calling or emailing us.

Pets, especially dogs, are very sensitive by nature. That’s why they are more likely to become anxious and stressed out when there is a change in the environment. When you take your pet for dog grooming Tualatin for the first time, he might put up a fight or show signs of stress and tension. Some pets are hydrophobic and will not enjoy getting a bath.
If you are inexperienced in handling pets when giving baths, you might want to hire a professional dog groomer. There are many pet grooming businesses around—mainly because anyone, even those who are not qualified, can start such an operation. You should be careful when choosing your groomer. Find someone trustworthy and who has a lot of experience to ensure the safety of your pet during the grooming experience. The best groomers can wash, clean, and check your pet from the ears to the tip of their tails. There is also the matter of oral hygiene, one of the most neglected areas of hygiene among pets.
For high-quality dog grooming Tualatin that will put both you and your pet at ease, contact Canine Perfection. Our full service spa and salon is owned by respected Michelle Evans, who is part of the winning USA grooming team. She has been involved in pet grooming for years and even volunteers for rescue organizations and local shelters. Aside from booking a pet grooming package, you can also request for a grooming tutorial from us.
Canine Perfection Dog Grooming In Tualatin
Canine Perfection
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