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Are You In Need Of Dog Grooming In Tigard

You and your dog will love Canine Perfection for its special dog grooming Tigard services like the hydrotherapy massage bath. We use dog-friendly products like Les Poochs shampoos, which are known for their concentrated clear PH balanced formula that is gentle to all skin types. Book an appointment now. Visit our website for more information.

Dog grooming Tigard is harder than you think. It takes a lot of practice and patience to be a good groomer. ‘Certified’ dog groomers even have to take practical and written examinations. This is to ensure the safety of your pets. After all, dogs can get very anxious when groomed. In fact, a lot of dogs have hydrophobia, making it harder to give them a bath. There are also pets who are nervous around strangers and other dogs.
Since pet grooming is an unregulated industry, pretty much anyone with a pair of scissors can open up a grooming business. You have to be wary of these kinds of shops as they may not have the skills and the equipment to ensure the health and safety of your furry best friend. One of the best ways to find a pet groomer is by word-of-mouth. If a fellow pet owner recommends a pet groomer, then you can bet that person is good at doing what they do. You can also check online what kind of services they offer. Some grooming shops only offer a simple wash, cut, and dry. If you want more for your beloved pet, there are spa packages available.
Canine Perfection is a full service pet salon and spa offering excellent dog grooming Tigard services. Aside from the usual shampooing and conditioning to buffing and trimming of nails, we also offer additional services like nail polish and hair-colouring. If your pet needs extra attention, we also have aromatherapy, de shedding treatment, flea treatment, oily skin treatment, and more.
Book a grooming session for your cat or dog by filling up our online form. You may also contact Canine Perfection by calling 503 750 1606.
Are You In Need Of Dog Grooming In Tigard
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