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Award Winning Dog Grooming In Portland Oregon

If you are one of those good people who considers their pet to be a family member, you are going to love bringing your furry companion to us for dog grooming. Portland Oregon dogs are invited to visit Canine Perfection at 16066 SW Boones Ferry Road in Lake Oswego. By appointment only.

Dog grooming Portland Oregon is intense work, but we love to do it. You might love being a groomer, too, if you learned all the tips and tricks of professional dog grooming. In Portland, you may take a series of grooming classes with certified Master Groomer Michell Evans of Canine Perfection. If you've always thought it would fun to learn the proper way to groom pets, Michell's classes are for you. Canine Perfection owner Michell Evans offers pet grooming classes to people who'd like to know everything about the care and grooming of canine companions and show dogs. To know more about Michell Evans' grooming school, send an email directly to michell@groomingtutor.com and we'll get right back to you. If you would prefer to have someone else provide the professional dog grooming you need, dial 503.750.1606 and make an appointment.

Canine Perfection provides personalized attention in a calm environment, so we really do adhere to our by appointment only policy. When your doggie is our guest, you will be pleased with this plan. Even if you never go into the professional dog grooming Portland Oregon business yourself, just knowing the skills of a dog groomer can be highly rewarding. Most dogs actually enjoy a nice bath. Learn exactly how to manage a wet dog, during and after a session in the bathtub. Canine Perfection dog grooming in Portland Oregon has the skills and expertise to clean your pooch right up and make him or her feel wonderful about themselves. Award Winning Dog Grooming In Portland Oregon
Canine Perfection
16066 SW Boones Ferry Rd. Lake Oswego OR 97219

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