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Want To Learn Dog Grooming In Lake Oswego

Want to learn dog grooming? Lake Oswego is where you'll find Canine Perfection . Owner Michell Evans is a Certified Master Groomer with honors from several prestigious professional dog grooming guilds. Mrs. Evans also teaches professional dog grooming to people who wish to make pet care their life's work.

It doesn't matter if you share your life with a rescue mutt or a ribbon-winning Westminster show dog. The dog groomers at Canine Perfection will attend to your pooch's bathing and grooming needs while you wait or continue with your day's chores. There are several salons that offer dog grooming Lake Oswego, but few of them are staffed by actual Certified Master Groomers. The prestigious NDGAA, or National Dog Groomers Association of America, doesn't award this remarkable honor to just anybody. Michell Evans has been awarded that honor and she's rightly proud of that fact. Dogs really like her! Dogs also enjoy being clean and well groomed. While they're not nearly as vain as cats, dogs absolutely do care about how they look, at least to other dogs. Canine Perfection dog grooming in Lake Oswego has the skills and expertise to clean your pooch right up and make him or her feel wonderful about themselves. All that, plus you and your family will have a better smelling pet. Treat your pooch to a superior cut and style at Canine Perfection.

Dog grooming Lake Oswego is hard work, but we love doing it. You might, too, if you learned all the tips and tricks of professional dog grooming. If you like, you may take a series of grooming classes with certified Master Groomer Michell Evans of Canine Perfection. If you have always it would fun to learn the right way to groom pets, Michell's classes are for you. By appointment only. Want To Learn Dog Grooming In Lake Oswego
Canine Perfection
16066 SW Boones Ferry Rd. Lake Oswego OR 97219

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