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Dog Grooming West Linn

Dog grooming West Linn is one of the specialties of Canine Perfection. We use the best products to bathe your pooch and we provide the best services that can make your canine friend feel comfortable and pampered. Your dog will come home looking refreshed and relaxed after a grooming session with one of our certified master groomers. Visit our website to learn how to make an appointment.  

In the last couple of years, pet grooming salons have sprung about in different countries. Usually, pet grooming is simply for those who enter competitions, but nowadays, it has become a necessity. Dog grooming West Linn is very challenging and requires a lot of patience. Pet owners shouldn’t settle for really cheap pet grooming services if they are concerned for the welfare of their dogs or cats.
Although pet grooming is an unregulated industry, there are organizations that give out certifications for master groomers. Certified Master Groomers can do more than prettify your pet—they can also ensure their health by offering high-quality packages. Pet owners usually think giving their dog a bath is the end of it. They don’t realise that there is more to pet grooming—like trimming and buffing nails, checking the ears and anus, and of course, oral hygiene. Some pet owners skip oral hygiene altogether for fear of being bitten. Sadly, simply throwing your dog a bone or Dentastix is enough. You need to take him to a grooming salon for expert oral cleaning. 
Just like humans, dogs need regular check-ups, too. To prolong the life of your furry pal, make sure to he gets proper dog grooming West Linn. Here at Canine Perfection, we give detailed information on our pet grooming services. We tell you what kind of shampoo we use and even offer extra comfort for your pet with our noise reduction unit. We know pets experience a lot of discomfort and have special needs, and that’s why we also have aromatherapy, Epsom salt hydrotherapy, flea treatments, and more.
Call Canine Perfection at 503 750 1606 or fill up the online form to request for an appointment for your dog or cat. We also offer grooming lessons taught by our owner, Michelle Evans, an award-winning certified master groomer.
Dog Grooming West Linn

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dog groomer west linn

At Canine Perfection, we take dog grooming further with services like a luxurious hydrotherapy massage bath, making us the best dog groomer West Linn. We can treat your dog to a haircut and style, and finish it with a basic bow or a cute bandanna. Visit our website to learn more about our dog grooming services and make an appointment soon.  

west linn dog grooming

Interested in the field of dog grooming? West Linn is a great place to own and operate a doggie salon. Canine Perfection owner Michell Evans is pleased to offer dog grooming classes to those persons who'd like to know everything about the care and grooming of dogs.

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