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Dog Groomer Tualatin

Make an appointment with a certified master dog groomer Tualatin at Canine Perfection. We provide essential services like bathing, ear flushing and drying treatment, blow dry, and haircuts. For a little something extra, we can treat your dog to a luxurious hydrotherapy massage bath, too. Make an appointment by visiting our website to find out how to contact us.  

Taking your canine friend to a dog groomer Tualatin can be a great treat that will leave him feeling pampered, relaxed, and refreshed. There are groomers that have special services to pamper your dog, and one of the options that you should consider is a hydrotherapy massage bath. Groomers use a vigorous and penetrating spray of warm water with shampoo from a hand held sprayer that can provide a relaxing massage, too. Your dog will love the massage treatment with assurance that he will return to you perfectly clean and treated.
It's Therapeutic for Dogs
Hydrotherapy is not merely for pampering dogs—it can  also be therapeutic for canines with chronic and acute conditions on the joint, paw, or leg. Hydrotherapy massage may be able to reduce swelling and pain, and increase circulation. The treatment can be therapeutic when your dog as the water relaxes and stimulates to affect your dog's body.
Water increases relaxation to help minimize spasms and pain, and sooth and calm your dog's nervous system to decrease stress. When the stimulation increases circulation, your dog's skin and coat condition can improve, improve the distribution of oxygen and nutrients through the blood, and encourage proper metabolic functions.
Let Your Dog Experience Hydrotherapy Massage Bath
Make an appointment here at Canine Perfection and let our certified master dog groomer Tualatin provide this relaxing and therapeutic bath for your pooch. We use Les Poochs shampoos, which top canine stylists and breeders consider to be the finest dog shampoos in the world. Canine Perfection is a full service pet spa and salon and our groomers are trained to be gentle with pets to keep your dog comfortable, safe, and relaxed.
Dog Groomer Tualatin

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dog grooming tualatin

Booking a dog grooming Tualatin session at Canine Perfection is a great start for keeping your dog healthy and happy. Introduce your dog to a better lifestyle with the help of our certified master groomer. Go to our website to learn more about our exclusive grooming services and make an appointment by calling or emailing us.

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